Transform your hair with stunning results.

Great Lengths hair extensions has over 55 hair colours to choose from which can be blended to create the perfect effect for you.


We also offer a range of textured hair extensions to suit all hair types; from European to Afro Caribbean hair.  Whether you’re after natural, soft or deep wave, our hair extension can be


STEP 1  -

Before. Colours: 07,

28 and 30 using

length 40cm. Approx. 175 strands.


STEP 2  -

Starting in the nape, take a U shape section from ear to ear following the contour of the head. Apply the strands using a tracking method, alternating colours throughout the row.


STEP 3  -

Apply the strands working up towards the tops of the ears.


STEP 4  -

Continue this method and integrate the sides, descending the section to below the occipital bone. Follow this line to complete the sections above to just under the Parietal Ridge.


STEP 5  -

Slice down the front section to blend with the sides and fringe gently descending and feathering onto the face and shoulders.


STEP 6  -

Continue to connect the front and sides sliding the scissors down towards the back. Shattering the ends around the front to add texture.


STEP 7  -

Deep point cut the sides graduating towards the back section..


STEP 8  -

Deep point the internal area to give a seamless finish.




We make it as easy as possible to look after your hair extensions with our unique kind- to-scalp bonds and our range of aftercare products. To maintain your hair extensions and keep them in tip top condition, here are some basic maintenance steps to follow:


Remember to attend your free scheduled maintenance check for professional assessment and to ensure your contract remains valid with the salon.






Don’t shampoo your hair for at least 48 hours after your extensions have been applied, this allows the bonds to set. Always use Great Lengths aftercare products as these have been specifically designed to prolong the life and appearance of your hair extensions.


Always follow the directions on the product bottle.

Shampoo and condition your hair at least once a week.

A great tip is to rinse your hair in Great Lengths diluted Anti Tap Water to restore your hair’s pH value.






Always dry your hair thoroughly, don’t leave it to dry naturally. Hair is at its most vulnerable when wet, so start drying at the bond and work downwards, on a low heat. Do not towel dry your hair with a scrubbing motion. Instead, use a blotting motion and wrap your hair in a towel to remove excess moisture. Always blow dry your hair on a cool/warm temperature.






Great Lengths flat headed, soft bristle brushes are the most suitable for brushing your hair. Whilst holding the bonds, gently brush your hair in small sections, being careful to brush any tangles out from the bottom first. Do not comb between the scalp and the bond. On a regular basis, separate the bonds with your fingers to prevent matting.






Styling products should only be applied to the lengths and ends of your hair and not the bond itself. The Great Lengths round brush can be used for blow drying. Straighteners, tongs and heated rollers can be used, however they must be kept away from the bonds.






We recommend you tie your hair in a loose pony tail to prevent tangling while sleeping.






Hair extensions suit most lifestyles, however, please be mindful of the following activities, which may affect the lifespan of your bonds, or in fact, cause them to breakdown:


Regular swimming, particularly in sea water and chlorinated water.


Regular sauna or steam room use.


Excessive aerobic activity.


After these activities use diluted Great Lengths Anti Tap Water solution to restore your hair and scalp to its natural pH balance.





Posted by Great Lengths | 9th September 2013

Women across the world pride themselves on their beautiful Great Lengths extensions. But what many people don’t know is that Great Lengths can also be used to transform the hair of men too!


Long, thick hair has been all the rage amongst men this summer and many salons and stylists have seen a surge in the demand from men for high quiffs and volumous locks to mirror the looks of celebrities like Harry Styles, Bradley Cooper and Mario Falcone.


To celebrate the growing trend of men using extensions to get a few extra inches, we decided to commission a photoshoot to truly showcase the looks that can be created on men with Great Lengths. We found eight real men to be models, of different ages and styles, and used our 100% human hair extensions to add colour, volume and length to their hair.


Extensions for men can last up to three months and only take around 45 minutes to apply. Because the bonds are cut super small, they are not visible and our 100% human hair looks, feels and behave exactly like your natural hair!


Before we reveal the full campaign, take a look at some of the before and afters below along with a few exclusive behind-the-scenes shots from the studio of our photographer, Sean Knott. A big thank you to Oliver, Paul, Ryan, James, Joe, Mark, Matt and Richard for being models for the day and to stylists Amanda Jackson, Michael Blackham, Simon Daniel, Charlotte Boyes and Ruth Madden who created the looks.


Let us know what you think of the transformations in the comments below! Boys, would you consider extensions to give your hair a boost?


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