At Kinki Boutique our aim is to provide a high quality service to all our male clients. Our stylists at Kinki are aware of the latest hairstyle trends to provide precision haircuts and styles, creating classic, creative or modern haircuts. After consultation with your stylist you will be advised on a style to suit your personality and your lifestyle.





For the past few years the world of men’s hair has remained pretty stagnant – classic cuts have been key and many remain just as fashionable now as they were five years ago, however there is a new trend hitting the world of men’s hair fashion.  An edgy fringe look has been seen recently on both the Burberry and Christopher Kane catwalks and the fringes have varied in length from both short to long – whatever the length, fringes are cut bluntly and swept forward from the crown, while the back and sides remain short.


Adding colour or highlights to the fringe will further accentuate the look – to find out more about our Kinki hair colouring services then click here. This look will be a welcome change to men who may have a receding hairline as this area will be covered.







The pompadour, historically a women’s hair style coined by Madame de Pompadour, mistress of King Louis XV in the 18th century, was given a manly twist by Elvis Presley in the 1950s… and it’s a hair style that has been loved by men the world over ever since. This men’s hair style has been extremely popular for the last couple of years and its popularity doesn’t appear to be wavering anytime soon.


The main characteristics of this hair style involve the top lengths being kept long – they are swept backwards, giving height, while the back and sides are kept short or slicked very closely to the scalp. As this style is very variable it will suit the majority of face shapes and men of all ages.






If you’re not one for preening and pruning every morning then the dishevelled look is for you! Start with an excellent base – a fabulous cut by a fabulous Kinki stylist, and a stylish dishevelled look will take care of itself. Don’t confuse this look with being ‘scruffy’, a successful dishevelled look will take an expertly cut style and will leave you looking like a lovable rogue.


This look suits nearly all face shapes and can be altered to suit you – wider faces will suit a slightly shorter faces while chiselled jaws and cheekbones can pull off a more cropped style.





We know that long men’s styles aren’t for everyone, and it’s a look that is associated by many with nerds or hippies, however the right cut on the right man can look suave, cool and sophisticated. Long hair is a commitment – if you are currently growing your hair out the Kinki team will also be able to recommend styles for the time while your hair is at an awkward mid-length.


We won’t lie to you, long hair does need maintenance and will require regular washing and brushing, however we believe that a good long look is worth this effort. Long hair styles can vary hugely – a Kinki stylist will be able to advise you on the best look for you.






The Kinki team will be happy to offer you advice on current men’s hair trends and which one would best suit you. Book an appointment with one of our stylists who will consider your face shape, hair type and lifestyle when talking with you. The importance of face shape can’t be overlooked and should be one of the main influences when selecting your style.


Oval: If you have an oval shaped face then lucky you! Oval faces suit nearly all hair styles because of their proportions and symmetry. Avoid full length fringes as they can make your oval face look round.


Square: Traditionally perceived as a strong rugged face shape. Softer styles are best to balance square faces and again, full length heavy fringes are not recommended.


Oblong: This face shape suits the vast majority of styles, however there are some ‘no-nos’ – try to avoid short hair on the sides or swept back hair on top as this will make your face look long.


Round: Round faces tend to be hard to choose hair styles for – they tend to lack in strong features and so you do not want hair that will detract too strongly from your face. Try to avoid hair coming onto the face as this will only make it look rounder.


Diamond: Men with diamond face shaped sometimes tend to look gaunt – in order to avoid this we recommend longer hair with some shape

 around the face.


Heart: A longer hair style will balance a heart shaped face. If you would like a shorter style then we would recommend perhaps growing some facial hair even the face.


Triangle: This is the hardest face shape to choose a style for. In order to balance a wide jaw line we recommend long hair with plenty of layers.




The beautiful, healthy hair you have always dreamed of is only one step away…


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