Are you looking to become a qualified Hairdresser ? To get into hairdressing ? or ever considered private hairdressing training ?


Here is your chance!

Jason Taylor has been hairdressing for 30 years. Having trained, worked and taught at 3 of the most famous and world renowned hairdressing companies  in the

industry as well as owning and running Kinki Boutique for the past 10 Years.


Passing his Vardering training at all three companies and in record time at Trevor Sorbies Flagship salon in Covent Garden,London. Winning the Best Haircut

 Award at Vidal Sassoon, London and teaching in countries across Europe while based at Toni&Guy in Stockholm, Sweden, means he has an abundance of techniques

and ideas at his disposal to help you along your career path.


I take great pleasure in simplifying techniques rather than making them complex to fuel my own ego. If there’s an easier way of doing something then i prefer to tech

that and cut out the crap and get straight to the point or shape in this case.   There are limited places to train with Kinki Boutique at their flagship award winning salon, under the supervision and guidance of Jason Taylor and his talented education team.


Hairdressing is among the top 5 jobs for people happiest in their work and a salon atmosphere is a friendly, welcoming workplace. Hairdressing is also increasingly becoming one of the most popular career choices and is being taught at basic level in some secondary schools.  Jason Taylor and Kinki Boutique offer the best hairdressing cutting and colouring training in the region and offer advanced training way beyond that of any College or other government hairdressing training provider.  Kinki Boutiques Hair Academy carries more in education, ability and reputation than any typical hairdressing school.


We have more one to one sessions with experienced current stylists using innovative techniques, modern methods and a friendly approach towards outstanding customer service.

Kinki Boutique provide private hairdressing training in a real dynamic salon environment only to individuals that we consider meet our criteria.

We have an in-depth interview with all candidates that merit our support and have the attributes to train within a client focused salon. Hopefully they are led towards employment if they are passionate, hard working and make the grade.


Alternatively you can also add N.V.Q. level 1 & 2 training course to your private training. This would take between 18- 24 months for a reasonably suitable individual.


We are currently working on our next intake of apprentice candidates for September.


We can also provide some degree of flexibility in the frequency of when and how often you train.


Training with us on your day off or in the evenings as-well as providing more intensive courses to speed up the process.


With more and more people making career choices to become a top stylist, if you feel you have the talent, desire and right attitude to become a great hairdresser you can achieve this with Jason Taylor and Kinki Boutiques private tuition.


All enquiries should be made to Jason’s email :


01603 633 700  -  01603 633 339